Man Shampoo

You Might be Shocked to Learn That
Some of the Things That We do Every Day
May Actually be Increasing Our Chances
of Ruining Our Hair Completely...

Take 2 minutes now to learn:

  1. Some of the surprising things you might be innocently doing which could be damaging your hair.
  2. A few simple tips which you can start using now to help give your hair every fighting chance of being healthy and strong.
Man Shampoo

Tips You Can Start Using Today
to Keep Your Hair Healthy

1 Massage your scalp or brush it lightly 1 to 3 times a day to stimulate blood flow
2 Keep your body lean - higher bodyfat levels seem to be related to thinning hair
3 Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum - alcohol can cause increases in dht levels
4 Keep your diet as natural and organic as possible, making sure to get enough protein and biotin. you can also experiment with eliminating foods that many people have allergies to like wheat and dairy products
5 Brush before you wash. brushing your hair first will loosen dandruff flakes and dirt which promotes stronger hair health
6 Dry your hair carefully. gentle drying with a towel is good. high heat from the hairdryer can damage the hair follicle
7 Choose a shampoo which contains polysorbate 80, biotin and pro-vitamin b5 and does not contains solvents like sls (sodium lauryl sulfate)

Introducing Man Shampoo

Man Shampoo   Man Shampoo is formulated purely to be as man-friendly as possible.
It has been fortified with Polysorbate 80 and selected botanical extracts to help nourish your hair.

1 Bottle Of Man Shampoo
1 Bottle Of Man Shampoo Man Shampoo is the only shampoo to formulated from the ground up to be as 'man' friendly as possible.


If you are worried about hair loss it would be wise to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional as well as do everything possible to keep your hair and scalp healthy by eating well, exercising sensibly and keeping your hair and scalp clean and free of excess DHT.

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